Sample Victories

Arrow v. McCauley, Heppy, et al.: Defense verdict
(federal trial) (Trials Digest summary - PDF file)

Lanza & Smith successfully defended a $6.5 million lawsuit, on behalf of 3 defendants, pursuant to a unanimous jury trial verdict in federal court. The lawsuit was premised upon federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act) and related business torts.

Harmoni v. Bai, et al: Defense judgment in RICO Suit
(federal motion to dismiss)

Lanza & Smith successfully defeated a federal lawsuit filed by the largest importer of Chinese garlic against several garlic farmers and exporters / distributors of garlic in China and the US. The RICO lawsuit was filed in 2016 by Harmoni in federal court in LA, and was dismissed as to 7 defendants by Judge O’Connell in 2017 based on a motion to dismiss filed by Lanza & Smith (the matter is on appeal in the Ninth Circuit). The circumstances resulting in this lawsuit have been documented in the "Garlic Breath" episode of a Netflix original documentary series known as "Rotten," which is addressed in the following newspaper article: Gilroy Press article

Fipps v. Western Tax Services: $700,000 result
(class action settlement)

Lanza & Smith negotiated a $700,000 settlement award for a class of 275 victims of accounting fraud scheme by acquiring proceeds seized by federal prosecutors in resolution of 4 separate lawsuits (federal and state).

Kern Delta Water District v. Lopez: Dismissal judgment
(judgment of dismissal)

Lanza & Smith defeated the government's efforts to condemn a client's land through an eminent domain lawsuit, including an award for legal fees & costs, pursuant to summary bench trial filings and notice of abandonment, thereby preserving a 77 acre family farm valued at roughly $2.5 million.

Beaudet v. Western Pacific: $700,000 award

Lanza & Smith earned a $700,000 settlement award for several victims in sophisticated real estate non-disclosure, fraud, and unfair competition lawsuit relating to a hazardous waste facility.

Martin v. Arrow Electronics: $1.5 million jury verdict
(federal trial) (Trials Digest summary - PDF file)

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.5 million jury trial verdict on behalf of its client, plus award for recovery of attorney fees and legal costs, which ultimately resulted in a $1.74 million judgment. It was the second largest federal trial verdict in all of Orange County in 2006, and has been published in multiple jury verdict sheets.

J&L Grace L.P. and McCauslan v. Kennihans, et al.: Defense judgment
(summary judgment)

Lanza & Smith obtained a judgment in favor of its clients (defendants), plus award for recovery of attorney fees, defeating $1.6 million lawsuit in sophisticated real estate litigation premised largely on breach of purchase & sale contracts.

Confidential Settlement – 2012

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.5 million settlement recovery for it clients in resolution of civil litigation under a confidential settlement.

Confidential Settlement – 2013

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.35 million settlement recovery for its client in resolution of a business litigation dispute in federal court in the Central District of California, Southern Division (Santa Ana), under a confidential settlement.