Dealership / Automotive Industry Attorneys In Orange County, California

Legal representation in the automotive industry, including dealerships, auto mechanics, repair shops, car collectors, and others involved with automobiles and race cars.

Orange County Automotive Legal Representation

Our law firm handles legal engagements for a variety of clients in the automotive industry, including dealers, racecar mechanics, repair shops, maintenance personnel, car collectors, and others involved with racecars and show cars. This even includes “gearheads.” We are experienced in both litigation and transactional matters, focusing on economical and efficient methods of addressing the unique needs of our clients in the automobile industry.


Amateur Race Car Driving

Lanza & Smith’s managing attorney, Anthony Lanza, is an accomplished amateur racecar driver, competing in bumper-to-bumper racing, both with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Lotus Cup Racing Series. He has experience racing multiple racecars in on-track competitions through these organizations, including Lotus Exige, Porsche 944, Spec Racer Ford, and Mazda Miata. This video features Mr. Lanza and the racecar sponsored by this law firm, Lanza & Smith, a 2006 Lotus Exige.

While racing this Lotus Exige, Mr. Lanza has finished on the podium in numerous Southern California races, and he finished third in the 2016 U.S.A. Western States NASA amateur car racing championship for his class (Performance Touring). As of 2018, he was the reigning Pacific Coast Roading Racing Champion three years in a row in the Touring 3 class (T3), and he also holds the SCCA all time lowest lap time record for competition racing in T3 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, near Palm Springs, California. The record was set on February 15, 2015.

Servicing & Selling & Building Performance Automobiles

Our clients in the automotive industry include Rancho Santa Margarita R.V. and Vehicles Sales, Carrio Motor Cars (dealership), Randy Ritchey, Performance Motorsports, and Van Leuven Motorsport Specialties, located mostly in Southern California. We assist companies, automotive dealerships, and corporate personnel in a wide variety of litigation engagements, focusing on the dependable delivery of quality legal work in sophisticated matters – at all times recognizing that economy and efficiency are critical.

Dealership / Automotive legal services in Irvine, California

We assist in litigation matters such as arbitration, mediation, and pre-trial litigation for the automobile industry, and we negotiate on behalf of your company to obtain a favorable disposition both prior to and during litigation. As a boutique litigation firm, we can take your case to trial in state or federal court, as well as appellate matters in higher courts. This includes all types of automotive matters, focusing on dealers and other large-scale sellers of cars and RVs, plus servicing racecars, show cars, classic cars, muscle cars, and internal combustion engines, plus companies involved in the driving, engineering, building and repair of such automobiles and RVs.

Automotive Industry Attorney Law Firm

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