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Sample Victories

Arrow v. McCauley, Heppy, et al.: Defense verdict
(federal trial) (Trials Digest summary – PDF file)

Lanza & Smith successfully defended a $6.5 million lawsuit, on behalf of 3 defendants, pursuant to a unanimous jury trial verdict in federal court. The lawsuit was premised upon federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act) and related business torts.

Harmoni v. Bai, et al: Defense judgment in RICO Suit
(federal motion to dismiss)

Lanza & Smith successfully defeated a federal lawsuit filed by the largest importer of Chinese garlic against several garlic farmers and exporters / distributors of garlic in China and the US. The RICO lawsuit was filed in 2016 by Harmoni in federal court in LA, and was dismissed as to 7 defendants by Judge O’Connell in 2017 based on a motion to dismiss filed by Lanza & Smith (later reversed in part on appeal in the Ninth Circuit). Later, in 2020, the case was dismissed in its entirety. The circumstances resulting in this lawsuit have been documented in the “Garlic Breath” episode of a Netflix original documentary series known as “Rotten,” which is addressed in the following newspaper article: Gilroy Press article The lawsuit is also the topic of a published book: The Garlic Papers – a Small Garlic Farm in the Age of Global Vampires.

Fipps v. Western Tax Services: $700,000 result
(class action settlement)

Lanza & Smith negotiated a $700,000 settlement award for a class of 275 victims of accounting fraud scheme by acquiring proceeds seized by federal prosecutors in resolution of 4 separate lawsuits (federal and state).

Kern Delta Water District v. Lopez: Dismissal judgment
(judgment of dismissal)

Lanza & Smith defeated the government’s efforts to condemn a client’s land through an eminent domain lawsuit, including an award for legal fees & costs, pursuant to summary bench trial filings and notice of abandonment, thereby preserving a 77 acre family farm valued at roughly $2.5 million.

Beaudet v. Western Pacific: $700,000 award

Lanza & Smith earned a $700,000 settlement award for several victims in sophisticated real estate non-disclosure, fraud, and unfair competition lawsuit relating to a hazardous waste facility.

Martin v. Arrow Electronics: $1.5 million jury verdict
(federal trial) (Trials Digest summary – PDF file)

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.5 million jury trial verdict on behalf of its client, plus award for recovery of attorney fees and legal costs, which ultimately resulted in a $1.74 million judgment. It was the second largest federal trial verdict in all of Orange County in 2006, and has been published in multiple jury verdict sheets.

J&L Grace L.P. and McCauslan v. Kennihans, et al.: Defense judgment
(summary judgment)

Lanza & Smith obtained a judgment in favor of its clients (defendants), plus award for recovery of attorney fees, defeating $1.6 million lawsuit in sophisticated real estate litigation premised largely on breach of purchase & sale contracts.

Confidential Settlement – 2012

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.5 million settlement recovery for it clients in resolution of civil litigation under a confidential settlement.

Confidential Settlement – 2013

Lanza & Smith obtained a $1.35 million settlement recovery for its client in resolution of a business litigation dispute in federal court in the Central District of California, Southern Division (Santa Ana), under a confidential settlement.

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